Analysis and Forecasting Techniques Paper 10


A strategic business unit (SBU) has a low relative market share (RMS) and a high market growth rate (MGR). According to the portfolio model for competitive analysis (the growthshare matrix) created by the Boston Consulting Group, the SBU is considered a


According to the growth-share matrix approach developed by the Boston Consulting Group, a harvest strategy is most likely to be used for SBUs that are


According to the Boston Consulting Group’s portfolio model for competitive analysis, the strategy for a strong cash cow should be


A typical life cycle progression for a successful firm within the Boston Consulting Group’s growth-share matrix is


The balanced scorecard provides an action plan for achieving competitive success by focusing management attention on critical success factors. Which one of the following is not one of the perspectives on the business into which critical success factors are commonly grouped in the balanced scorecard?


Using the balanced scorecard approach, an organization evaluates managerial performance based on


On a balanced scorecard, which of the following would not be an example of a customer satisfaction measure?


On a balanced scorecard, which is more of an internal process measure than an externalbased measure?


Consider the following categories of performance measures.
I. Profitability measures.
II. Customer-satisfaction measures.
III. Efficiency, quality, and time measures.
IV. Innovation measures.
A cruise line operates on a national scale in a very competitive marketplace. In view of this information, which measures should the company use in the evaluation of its managers?


Which one of the following statements about a balanced scorecard is incorrect?


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