Analysis and Forecasting Techniques Paper 5


Which one of the following is a sales forecasting technique that can be utilized in preparing the annual profit plan?


The four components of time series data are secular trend, cyclical variation, seasonality, and random variation. The seasonality in the data can be removed by


A forecasting technique that is a combination of the last forecast and the last observed value is called


As part of a risk analysis, an auditor wishes to forecast the percentage growth in next month’s sales for a particular plant using the past 30 months’ sales results. Significant changes in the organization affecting sales volumes were made within the last 9 months. The most effective analysis technique to use would be


What are the four components of a time series?


The moving-average method of forecasting


Violation of which assumption underlying regression analysis is prevalent in time series analysis?


Sales of big-screen televisions have grown steadily during the past 5 years. A dealer predicted that the demand for February would be 148 televisions. Actual demand in February was 158 televisions. If the smoothing constant (?) is 0.3, the demand forecast for March, using the exponential smoothing model, will be


Sunrise Corporation’s actual sales for May were $22,000,000, a result $600,000 greater than projected. Actual sales for June totaled $22,500,000. Using exponential smoothing with a smoothing factor (alpha) of 0.7, Sunrise’s projected sales for July would be


A common characteristic of simple regression analysis, learning curve analysis, and time series analysis is that they all.


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