Analysis and Forecasting Techniques Paper 9


Which of the following is a favorable condition for a firm competing in a profitable, expanding industry?


Michael E. Porterís competitive strategies model includes an analysis of the competitive forces that determine the attractiveness of an industry. These forces include
I. The stage of the industry life cycle
II. Threats of, and barriers to, entry
III. Threat of substitutes
IV. The threat of suppliersí bargaining power


Which factor increases the threat of entry into an industry?


A manufacturing company produces plastic utensils for a particular segment at the lowest possible cost. The company is pursuing a cost


What operations strategy is most likely to be adopted when the product sold by an organization is a commodity and the market is very large?


During the growth stage of a productís life cycle,


In a productís life cycle, the first symptom of the decline stage is a decline in the


Jack-O-Lantern, Inc., is trying to decide which competitive strategy it should try to implement. Since the company has recently started producing Halloween products and selling them in its Halloween stores a few months prior, it is trying to focus on low costs. Jack-O-Lantern believes that this will give it a competitive advantage since much of the competition across the nation is selling more expensive Halloween products. Which competitive strategy should Jack-OLantern most likely try to implement?


A strategic business unit (SBU) has a high relative market share (RMS) and a low market growth rate (MGR). According to the growth-share matrix for competitive analysis created by the Boston Consulting Group, such an SBU is considered a


In the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) growth-share matrix, which strategic business units are strong competitors in high growth markets but usually have modest net cash flow?


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