Business Organisations and Environment Paper 3


Which of the following statements about an organisation chart is not true?


Which of the following is a correct definition of ‘span of control’?


Which of the following terms is not used by Mintzberg in his description of organisational structure?


Y plc is a growing organisation which has recently diversified into a number of significant new product markets. It has also recently acquired another company in one of its overseas markets. What would be the most appropriate form of organisation for Y plc?


Which of the following principles of classical management is challenged by matrix management?


Which of the following statements about the informal organisation is not true?


Which of the following statements is/are true?
(i) An informal organisation exists within every formal organisation
(ii) The objectives of the informal organisation are broadly the same as those of the formal organisation
(iii) A strong, close-knit informal organisation is desirable within the formal organisation


What is an organisation which has removed the internal barriers which separate hierarchy levels and functions and also between the organisation and its suppliers, customers and competitors known as?


Which of the following statements are true?
(i) With a shared service centre services are likely to be less tailored
(ii) The IT function is commonly provided using shared service approach
(iii) A shared service centre is not part of the organisation


BZ Ness Ltd is an organisation with a strongly traditional outlook. It is structured and managed according to classical principles: specialisation, the scalar chain of command, unity of command and direction. Personnel tend to focus on their own distinct tasks, which are strictly defined and directed. Communication is vertical, rather than lateral. Discipline is much prized and enshrined in the rule book of the company. From the scenario, what sort of culture does BZ Ness Ltd have, using Harrison’s classifications?


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