Capital Budgeting Paper 7


Pena Company is considering a project that calls for an initial cash outlay of $50,000. The expected net cash inflows from the project are $7,791 for each of 10 years. What is the IRR of the project?


Assume that the probability distribution of NPVs is normal. The firm considers true risk occurring if the project results in a NPV that is zero or less. If the expected NPV is $1,000 and the standard deviation of NPV is $500, what is the probability that the project has an NPV of 0 or less?


Project 1 has an expected NPV of $120,000 and a standard deviation of $200,000. Project 2 has an expected NPV of $100,000 and a standard deviation of $150,000. The correlation between these two projects is 0.80. What is the coefficient of variation for the portfolio of projects?


When using the net present value method for capital budgeting analysis, the required rate of return is called all of the following except the


The internal rate of return for a project can be determined


Carco, Inc., wants to use discounted cash flow techniques when analyzing its capital investment projects. The company is aware of the uncertainty involved in estimating future cash flows. A simple method some companies employ to adjust for the uncertainty inherent in their estimates is to


The accountant of Ronier, Inc., has prepared an analysis of a proposed capital project using discounted cash flow techniques. One manager has questioned the accuracy of the results because the discount factors employed in the analysis have assumed the cash flows occurred at the end of the year when the cash flows actually occurred uniformly throughout each year. The net present value calculated by the accountant will


The internal rate of return on an investment


The internal rate of return is


All of the following are the rates used in net present value analysis except for the


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