Cash Management Paper 3


A company has daily cash receipts of $150,000. The treasurer of the company has investigated a lockbox service whereby the bank that offers this service will reduce the company’s collection time by four days at a monthly fee of $2,500. If money market rates average 4% during the year, the additional annual income (loss) from using the lockbox service would be


A typical firm doing business nationally cannot expect to accelerate its cash inflow by


Methods of accelerating cash collections include all of the following except


An automated clearinghouse (ACH) electronic transfer is a(n)


Kemple is a newly established janitorial firm, and the owner is deciding what type of checking account to open. Kemple is planning to keep a $500 minimum balance in the account for emergencies and plans to write roughly 80 checks per month. The bank charges $10 per month plus a $0.10 per check charge for a standard business checking account with no minimum balance. Kemple also has the option of a premium business checking account that requires a $2,500 minimum balance but has no monthly fees or per check charges. If Kemple’s cost of funds is 10%, which account should Kemple choose?


A compensating balance


A working capital technique that increases the payable float and therefore delays the outflow of cash is


A working capital technique that delays the outflow of cash is


Assume that each day a company writes and receives checks totaling $10,000. If it takes 5 days for the checks to clear and be deducted from the company’s account, and only 4 days for the deposits to clear, what is the float?


Average daily collection of checks for a firm is $40,000. The firm also writes on the average $35,000 of checks daily. If the collection period for checks is 5 days, calculate the net float.


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