Information Technology Paper 10


A retail entity uses electronic data interchange (EDI) in executing and recording most of its purchase transactions. The entity’s auditor recognized that the documentation of the transactions will be retained for only a short period of time. To compensate for this limitation, the auditor most likely would


Which of the following is an encryption feature that can be used to authenticate the originator of a document and ensure that the message is intact and has not been tampered with?


In building an electronic data interchange (EDI) system, what process is used to determine which elements in the entity’s computer system correspond to the standard data elements?


Which of the following passwords would be most difficult to crack?


Which of the following is a password security problem?


Many of the Web 2.0 applications rely on an XML-based application that facilitates the sharing and syndication of web content, by subscription, Which of the applications below represents this XML application?


Which of the following is not one of the five principles of COBIT 5?


The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) framework has been established by:


Which of the following procedures would an entity most likely include in its computer disaster recovery plan?


A company is concerned that a power outage or disaster could impair the computer hardware’s ability to function as designed. The company desires off-site backup hardware facilities that are fully configured and ready to operate within several hours. The company most likely should consider a


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