Information Technology Paper 11


Which of the following procedures would an entity most likely include in its disaster recovery plan?


Almost all commercially marketed software is Copyrighted . . . Copy protected


A widely used disaster recovery approach includes


A “hot site” is most frequently associated with


Output controls ensure that the results of computer processing are accurate, complete, and properly distributed. Which of the following is not a typical output control?


Minimizing the likelihood of unauthorized editing of production programs, job control language, and operating system software can best be accomplished by


Some companies have replaced mainframe computers with microcomputers and networks because the smaller computers could do the same work at less cost. Assuming that management of a company decided to launch a downsizing project, what should be done with respect to mainframe applications such as the general ledger system?


A corporation receives the majority of its revenue from top-secret military contracts with the government. Which of the following would be of greatest concern to an auditor reviewing a policy about selling the company’s used microcomputers to outside parties?


A manufacturer is considering using bar-code identification for recording information on parts used by the manufacturer. A reason to use bar codes rather than other means of identification is to ensure that


A company often revises its production processes. The changes may entail revisions to processing programs. Ensuring that changes have a minimal impact on processing and result in minimal risk to the system is a function of


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