Information Technology Paper 13


To avoid invalid data input, a bank added an extra number at the end of each account number and subjected the new number to an algorithm. This technique is known as


Preventing someone with sufficient technical skill from circumventing security procedures and making changes to production programs is best accomplished by


Computer program libraries can best be kept secure by


Which of the following security controls would best prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data through an unattended data terminal directly connected to a mainframe?


A customer intended to order 100 units of product Z96014, but incorrectly ordered nonexistent product Z96015. Which of the following controls most likely would detect this error?


In entering the billing address for a new client in Emil Company’s computerized database, a clerk erroneously entered a nonexistent zip code. As a result, the first month’s bill mailed to the new client was returned to Emil Company. Which one of the following would most likely have led to discovery of the error at the time of entry into Emil Company’s computerized database?


Which of the following controls is a processing control designed to ensure the reliability and accuracy of data processing?
Limit test . . . . Validity check test


Which of the following activities would most likely be performed in the information systems department?


The use of a header label in conjunction with magnetic tape is most likely to prevent errors by the


For the accounting system of Acme Company, the amounts of cash disbursements entered into a terminal are transmitted to the computer that immediately transmits the amounts back to the terminal for display on the terminal screen. This display enables the operator to


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