Information Technology Paper 4


The 2nd generation programming language that is generally specific to a computer architecture (i.e., it is not portable) is


The online analytical processing term that represents a combination of systems that help aggregate, access, and analyze business data and assist in the business decision-making process is


What is the hierarchy of data organization, from smallest to largest unit, for a relational database?


A current day instruction to a computer such as “Extract all Customers where ‘Name’ is Smith” would most likely relate to a


Several language interfaces exist in a database management system. These typically include a data definition language (DDL), a data control language (DCL), a data manipulation language (DML), and a database query language (DQL). What language interface would a database administrator use to establish the structure of database tables?


Users making database queries often need to combine several tables to get the information they want. One approach to combining tables is known as


User acceptance testing is more important in an objectoriented development process than in a traditional environment because of the implications of the


A companys management has expressed concern over the varied system architectures that the organization uses. Potential security and control concerns would include all of the following except:


All of the following are methods for distributing a relational database across multiple servers except:


Client/server architecture may potentially involve a variety of hardware, systems software, and application software from many vendors. The best way to protect a client/ server system from unauthorized access is through


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