Information Technology Paper 5


What technology is needed in order to convert a paper document into a computer file?


Unauthorized alteration of online records can be prevented by employing


A manufacturer of complex electronic equipment such as oscilloscopes and microscopes has been shipping its products with thick paper manuals but wants to reduce the cost of producing and shipping this documentation. Of the following, the best medium for the manufacturer to use to accomplish this is


Misstatements in a batch computer system caused by incorrect programs or data may not be detected immediately because


Which of the following is not a characteristic of a batch processed computer system?


Able Co. uses an online sales order processing system to process its sales transactions. Able’s sales data are electronically sorted and subjected to edit checks. A direct output of the edit checks most likely would be a


First Federal S & L has an online real-time system, with terminals installed in all of its branches. This system will not accept a customer’s cash withdrawal instructions in excess of $1,000 without the use of a “terminal audit key.” After the transaction is authorized by a supervisor, the bank teller then processes the transaction with the audit key. This control can be strengthened by


Mill Co. uses a batch processing method to process its sales transactions. Data on Mill’s sales transaction tape are electronically sorted by customer number and are subjected to programmed edit checks in preparing its invoices, sales journals, and updated customer account balances. One of the direct outputs of the creation of this tape most likely would be a


Where disk files are used, the grandfather-father-son updating backup concept is relatively difficult to implement because the


In a computerized system, procedure or problem-oriented language is converted to machine language through a(n)


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