Information Technology Paper 9


Which of the following characteristics distinguish electronic data interchange (EDI) from other forms of electronic commerce?


Which of the following is considered a component of a local area network?


Which of the following represents an additional cost of transmitting business transactions by means of electronic data interchange (EDI) rather than in a traditional paper environment?


Many entities use the Internet as a network to transmit electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions. An advantage of using the Internet for electronic commerce rather than a traditional value-added network (VAN) is that the Internet


Which of the following is not considered an exposure involved with electronic data interchange (EDI) systems as compared to other systems?


Which of the following statements is correct concerning internal control when a client is using an electronic data interchange system for its sales?


Which of the following statements most likely represents a disadvantage for an entity that keeps microcomputer-prepared data files rather than manually prepared files?


Which of the following is usually a benefit of transmitting transactions in an electronic data interchange (EDI) environment?


Which of the following is a network node that is used to improve network traffic and to set up as a boundary that prevents traffic from one segment to cross over to another?


Which of the following is an example of how specific controls in a database environment may differ from controls in a nondatabase environment?


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