Internal Auditing and Systems Controls Paper 12


An Internet firewall is designed to provide adequate protection against which of the following?


The firewall system that limits access to a computer network by routing users to replicated websites is


The encryption technique that requires two keys, a public key that is available to anyone for encrypting messages and a private key that is known only to the recipient for decrypting messages, is


Which of the following is used for Internet security as opposed to data transmissions over secured transmission lines?


Which of the following is a computer program that appears to be legitimate but performs some illicit activity when it is run?


The best preventive measure against a computer virus is to


Managers at a consumer products company purchased personal computer software from only recognized vendors, and prohibited employees from installing non authorized software on their personal computers. To minimize the likelihood of computer viruses infecting any of its systems, the company should also


Which of the following is an indication that a computer virus is present?


Which of the following operating procedures increases an organization’s exposure to computer viruses?


An organization installed antivirus software on all its personal computers. The software was designed to prevent initial infections, stop replication attempts, detect infections after their occurrence, mark affected system components, and remove viruses from infected components. The major risk in relying on antivirus software is that antivirus software may


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