Internal Auditing and Systems Controls Paper 15


The IT team of a company created a disaster recovery plan for their employer. The plan includes several versions of backups of data and systems, including at least one copy kept off site. The plan also includes an off-site location selected for its reduced chance of natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. This location is guarded by a security service. The IT manager has a copy of the plan at home, and the plan is regularly tested. Select the statement below that best describes the plan.


A company’s IT manager has been asked to ensure that the company’s data are protected in the event they are intercepted during transmission. Which one of the following is the best control to implement from the selection below?


Ed Lassiter is the accounting manager that oversees the payment process. The external auditor has been examining the operation for efficiency and control. The auditor has asked Lassiter to provide documentation of the process to see how the payments move through the process. Which of the following statements represents the best documentation that Lassiter could provide?


Friendly Skies Airline is about to create an Internet site to capture the flight reservations and ticket payments. Which one of the following best demonstrates the inherent risks of the Internet?


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