Risk and Procedures for Control Paper 12


Multiple copies of the purchase order are prepared for recordkeeping and distribution with a copy of the purchase order sent to the vendor and one retained by the Purchasing Department. In addition, for proper informational flow and internal control purposes, a version of the purchase order would be distributed to the


Responsibility for following up on any problems regarding orders of production materials and supplies, such as orders for which no acknowledgment has been received, orders overdue, partial orders, damaged or substandard merchandise received on an order, etc., would be entrusted to the


The documents that the Accounts Payable Department must review before it can properly authorize payment for the purchase of materials and supplies are


One of the steps in assessing control risk in a computerized information control system is identifying necessary controls to prevent data from being lost, added, duplicated, or altered during processing. An example of this type of control is the


To control purchasing and accounts payable, an information system must include certain source documents. For a manufacturing organization, these documents should include


Which one of the following functions performed in an organization is a violation of sound principles of internal control?


Which one of the following methods for the distribution of employees’ pay would provide the best internal control for the organization?


The new controller of a company is evaluating her department for proper segregation of duties. Evaluate the following statements and determine which set of duties is acceptable to be performed by the same employee while still maintaining proper segregation of duties.


Which one of the following represents a technique that is most appropriate for an internal auditor to use to test the effectiveness of accounting recordkeeping controls?


An Internet gaming company uses many laptops in its office and needs to ensure that they are adequately safeguarded. Which one of the following best represents a control that the company should use for its laptops?


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